TOP 5 Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps can either be wrapped around the arms, wrist, palm, and knuckles. Or it can simply be worn and then secured via laces or Velcro straps. They are often quite straightforward unless there is an extra layer of complexity involved.

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The Many Kinds and Functions of Wrist Wraps

When it comes to the topic of wrist wraps, you want to focus on the essential matters of what types you have access to and what you can actually do with the types that you have access to. That is to say, if you are interested in wrist wraps as a simple means of supporting your wrists, your choices should be clear enough. If the purpose is for more medically relevant matters, the discussion can get quite a bit more complicated.

Simply put, wrist wraps are intended to provide your wrist with support so that it can be protected from injury and strengthened to perform certain functions that would not normally be possible. Weightlifters and those who have physically demanding jobs, where there is a lot of picking up of heavy loads involved, will likely understand this. Then there is the matter of injuries, which wrist wraps can have varying impacts on depending on the type.

What are Wrist Wraps?

Generally speaking, wrist wraps are anything that you wrap around your wrist for a variety of purposes. These can be in the form of strips of cloth, soft ropes, vines, paper, plastic, and even bundles of grass. The idea is to simply give your wrist the kind of support it needs so that some of the strain it has to endure are placed on something else. In the case of injuries, it will also promote healing. In terms of commercially available wrist wraps, there are the simple kinds that are often used by boxers, martial artists, and physical therapists. Then there are those that take on more complicated faces and functions that will take some explaining.

Types of Wrist Wraps

The many types of wrist wraps available depend largely on the material, design, structure, and intent. Wrist wraps that are supposed to just go around the wrist and keep it still come in fairly straightforward forms that are easy enough to understand. Wrist wraps that are more complicated can also come with more benefits such as wrist strengthening, endurance boost, and so much more. Those who have jobs that demand long hours of physical movement can also use wrist wraps for preventive purposes. Those who exercise by lifting a lot of weights can use wraps to boost their performance.

Benefits of Wrist Wraps

The benefits of wrist wraps can fall under the categories of preventive, medical, and results-based. Wrist wraps can be used to stop injuries from happening by offering an extra layer of protection. In the cases when the injury has already occurred, wrist wraps can then be used to ensure that the healing process is done correctly. Then there are uses for wrist wraps that are intended for fitness and health.