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What can Shiatsu do?

Shiatsu is a hands’ on treatment, which is both stimulating and relaxing. It is not just a form of massage but uses diagnostic techniques so that each treatment is tailored to the needs of the individual. Shiatsu is often called “acupuncture with the fingers” and it is performed through light clothing.

Brief History

Shiatsu has been recognised as a bona fide type of manipulative therapy in Japan for almost 100 years. It was first called “Anma” and was regulated by the Government. To avoid the constant regulation, some practitioners changed the name to “SHIATSU” and thus it came into being. There are now three forms of legally recognised manipulative therapies in Japan – Anma, Western Massage and SHIATSU.

What to expect from a treatment

There are three main features to a treatment: -

I will apply relaxed perpendicular pressure, using my fingers, thumbs and sometimes knees and elbows on key points (Tsubos) and areas on the body.

Gently stretch limbs to release or stimulate the body’s energy.

Rotate and mobilise joints to relax and release them.

All of these are done with the client in control.

Shiatsu can help with many health, mind, body and spirit problems and with life’s changes such as pregnancy. From getting the body balanced ready to conceive, through the process of change in the trimesters to turning the baby for birth and starting contractions. And it’s also great for post natal, helping Mum to come back to a balanced state and ready to cope with a newborn child.


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