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Thermo Auricular Therapy "Hopi Ear Candles"

What can it do?

It can help with problems such as Excessive Wax, Tinnitus, Earaches, Colds & Sinus pain, Glue Ear and other Ear problems.

What is it?

It is an ancient practice found amongst peoples of the Siberian Prairies, Asia and the Native North and South American Indians. It is most commonly known by Hopi Ear Candles as the Hopi (the oldest Pueblo People) brought the candle knowledge to Europe.

I only use BIOSUN candles. The candles are hollow and made from Flax (organic cotton), pure beeswax, honey extract, traditional herbs and pure essential oils. They are all hand made.

What Happens?

The ear is checked for any infections/problems using and Otoscope. Then a cloth is placed onto the side of the head/face leaving the ear only exposed. The candle is lit, placed into the ear and held in position until it burns down to the marker. This can take anything from 15 to 16 minutes according to the candle.

Ian is a qualified Thermo Auricular Therapist.


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